I’m a business owner in Michigan. Why should I care about this?

business2As a business owner in Michigan, there are two main reasons that you should want to assure that we properly direct resources in Michigan: talent attraction and talent retention. No other resource is more important to a business than the people that they are able to attract to help run their company.  There was a time when talent chased the company and the promise of a paycheck and career was the only thing a company needed to do to attract the best and brightest. Those days are over, and the evidence is overwhelming that people, especially the millennial generation are choosing a place first.

If we hope to compete, we must resource what matters, and what matters are creating great places as talent and retention magnets. Michigan is blessed with some of the most amazing natural resources on earth – tremendous industrial capacity, strong universities, and attractive tax environment – but we are still losing our young talented work force. Why? We would suggest that we are starving our cities, making them less desirable places, and people locate in a place they love. We must start setting new budget priorities that will strengthen businesses by growing our economy by attracting the best and brightest.

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