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Revenue Sharing Data Lookuparrow
Local government has had approximately $8.1 billion in revenue sharing diverted from the delivery of local services by the State of Michigan. Take a minute to find out how your community has been affected by using our diverted revenue sharing lookup tool.


resolutionResolution in Support to Save Michigan’s Communities
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City of Brighton Resolution



Revenue Sharing History – Contains Updated Charts
The State of Michigan has diverted approximately $8.1 billion from local government to fund their operations. This has a direct effect on your community’s ability to create great places and deliver valued services.


State Revenue Sharing
A very thorough 2017 presentation to the House General Government subcommittee by Jim Stansell, senior economist with the House Fiscal Agency. He covered a revenue sharing overview, constitutional revenue sharing, statutory revenue sharing, Economic Vitality and Incentive Program (EVIP), CVT revenue sharing, and county revenue sharing.



U.S. Census State Revenue Data
This graph shows the national trend and contrast between state revenues and their support of local government. No other state has disinvested in local service more than Michigan.



U.S. Census Revenue Data
Michigan is the only state in the nation that has invested less overall in 2012 than in 2002.




Revenue Sharing Fact Sheet
To understand more about revenue sharing and its role in funding critical local services, check out our revenue sharing fact sheet.




Fair Deal?
Michigan communities have shouldered an unfair share of the state’s economic downturn, and we find many communities facing budgetary issues that affect local service delivery.



Midwest Local Tax
Michigan has a far less diversified approach to raising revenues