New Report Highlights Plan to Create New Jobs and Business in Michigan

Michigan has the assets it needs to grow hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of jobs in the fast growing sectors of energy, water, food, transportation, IT/communications and health care, and garner a large portion of global business markets worth trillions of dollars. That’s the conclusion of the Michigan Economic Center’s (MEC) new report, Jobs, Michigan, and Leadership in the Economy of Tomorrow.

But the state can’t win its share of the good-paying jobs in these sectors without taking steps to maximize its assets, including state and local economic development programs and funding and higher education’s ability to create talent and commercialize research.

“To take advantage of these opportunities, Michigan needs a proactive state policy agenda that supports Michigan business winning in this centuries’ economy, as we did the last. It won’t happen magically, ” said John Austin, director of the Michigan Economic Center.

The MEC’s new report has already been featured in news articles, including:

Robots don’t have to win: Michigan has what it takes to create jobs – Bridge, Jan. 11, 2018