SaveMICity: The Podcast Officially Launches!

Find the SaveMICity Podcast and other Michigan Municipal League podcasts at

The SaveMICity initiative is extremely excited to launch the SaveMICity Podcast! The first podcast was went online this week and you can listen to it anytime here:

The SaveMICity Podcast, hosted by the League’s Anthony Minghine, Deputy Executive Director and COO, is part of a series of podcasts being launched this month by the Michigan Municipal League under the name – We Love Where You Live Podcasts! This is a new effort for us and we’ve been working on it for several months so we hope you enjoy it.

The first episode of the SaveMICity podcast focuses on Financial Challenges that Communities are Facing and it includes conversation Minghine had with Howell City Manager Shea Charles and Traverse City Councilmember Richard Lewis. It’s about 22 minutes long and definitely worth your time.